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The Magic Football Way

Football is an IDEA...

An idea that is based around everyday life
I believe that the most effective way of scoring goals is by getting in behind the defense and the most effective way of preventing an opponent from scoring goals is through Shape which comes from Communication and discipline, which again comes hand in hand with life values.

The key qualities of football players in my opinion are the following:
- Touch
- Vision
- Speed
- Leadership
- Determination
- Communication

As we can see half of it is athletic and half of it is based around core values.
Football philosophies or sport philosophies should embody everyday life principles which in return create better people, better teams and better teamwork.

Gladesville Ryde Magic Football Philosophy


The Club philosophy is intended to provide direction and a vision of the future;

It delivers consistency and understanding for administrators, coaches, managers, players and supporters. It allows the Club to set a standard and a style of play across all grades.
Ultimately a young player's enjoyment grows as skills improve and technique is developed.

In developing the GRMFC philosophy, the priority is playing football with the right intent; to encourage creativity, perseverance and good judgement.
GRMFC has resolved to adopt the guidelines set out in the curriculum promoted by FFA.


The Club concurs that Australian stakeholders charged with developing the next generation should implement change now or risk being left behind on the global stage.


The Club has a strong desire to adhere and benefit from the National Competitions Review which has been designed to create a level of elite clubs under the A-League with proper structures and deliver pathways to develop players from under-9 and above.

The Vision

‘Develop, educate and promote skilful, intelligent players for the future’

GRMFC is a Club participating in competitions conducted by Football NSW. In each of the
past seven years, GRMFC has consistently performed beyond expectations and competed
successfully in these competitions.
The Management and Board of GRMFC are true supporters of football in Australia.


The Club has implemented successful senior, youth and skill acquisition programs, improved organisational structures and endorsed a philosophy that will encourage continued success and growth.

GRMFC believe in continual improvement and the setting of higher goals; only with such
passion and commitment will football in Australia achieve its full potential. GRMFC is
committed to the relentless improvement of our sport.


The youth and skill acquisition programs at GRMFC promote the concept of a grass roots
development pathways enabling local players with opportunity to represent at the highest levels. GRMFC offers support and encouragement for all players to achieve their full potential.


In achieving our vision, GRMFC aim to attract a greater level of public support with an
enganced ability to attract valuable sponsorship; provide a compelling example for the
development of exceptional infrastructure; playing and training at the best facilities; and be an excellent model of the success achieved within the Australian football community.

The Mission

GRMFC will surpass all expectations and out-perform its rivals in every aspect of football;

GRMFC will continue to build upon the foundation it has established over the years in a tenacious
pursuit to participate and excel at the highest possible levels;

GRMFC will be at the forefront the generational change of football in Australia toward a more robust,
attractive and higher standard of football by being an essential member of the football community
responsible for developing players that experience and demonstrate enjoyment, technique, skill and
game intelligence;
- GRMFC will continually improve the standard of coaching and learning experience provided to elite
- GRMFC will promote attractive football that is consistent with playing guidelines issued by FFA;
- GRMFC will continue to be a responsible member of the community and work closely with local and
state government bodies to improve local facilities to an international standard for the benefit of both
GRMFC and the community;

GRMFC will always be financially stable and offer the highest possible opportunity that reflects the value of the talent, experience and achievement level of our elite players.

First team philosophy

Our goal is to be acknowledged as a Club that benefits from the National Competitions
Review with proper structures and delivering pathways to develop players from under-9 and above; ultimately offering the opportunity to play First Team football with GRMFC.

The Club continues to offer the highest possible quality coaching and administration to its
players and to promote the development of talent from the youth within the Club. Financial stability and successful implementation will allow GRMFC to offer the best infrastructure and the highest possible opportunities that reflect the talent level developed.

Youth League & SAP Philosophy

‘Develop technically skilful and intelligent players that have the confidence and ability to express themselves on the field.’

Football in Australia must confront a generational change towards developing better
technically skilled players with improved football intelligence and knowledge to make
quicker, better decisions on the field. Without denying the traditional Australian virtues of
strength, athleticism and competitive nature, we are responsible for developing a
generation of players that must experience and demonstrate enjoyment, technique, skill
and game intelligence.

In order to fulfil this philosophy, GRMFC aims to develop players and
teams with the:
- Ability to control and manipulate the ball with skill;
- Awareness to maintain possession individually and collectively; and
- Intelligence to construct an attack and respond well in defense.

Although GRMFC will participate in a competition that is demanding and
challenging, excessive emphasis on winning denies football and its players the opportunity to develop a wide range of skills and diminishes the enjoyment of playing.
Without structured guidance there is greater likelihood of talented players abandoning the game.

Coaches will be encouraged to provide guidance and highlight alternatives in game
situations; specifically creativity, perseverance and good judgement. Players will be
encouraged to "expand their game"and understand the value of possession, composure
and calm. They must develop the ability to hold the ball until a solution is found; either
through individual skill or collectively as a team. Players are trained to acclimatise to
common pressure situations in football without panic.

The Coaching Process

All Technical Staff and Coaches appointed at GRMFC will have the appropriate accreditation for their respective age group. All GRMFC coaches will follow the guidance and principles of FFA’s ‘The Football Coaching Process’ for Advanced Coaching.

The Club promotes and implements a programme of continual professional development
for all Technical Staff; all GRMFC coaches are encouraged to improve their coaching skills
and knowledge in order to advance as coaches and develop our players.


GRMFC will use local facilities allowing minimal and convenient travelling for players and
parents; the SAP training operates from the same venues. Currently, training and matches
are conducted at Magdala Park, North Ryde.

GRMFC is working closely with other elite clubs and Ryde City Council to develop a Football Centre of Excellence at Christie Park, Macquarie Park. This synthetic field project is scheduled for completion and use by the commencement of the 2018 season.

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