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Development Squads 2024

 from age 7 - 12yrs old


Development Squads 2024

In 2024, players who are part of the Magic Football Academy will have the exciting opportunity to join our full-time program. Our core philosophy revolves around enhancing players' fundamental skills through repetition, extensive ball contact, and the integration of game-related elements.


This program serves as an excellent pathway for these players to advance into our representative squads, including SAP and Youth Squads, providing them with valuable opportunities for growth and development.​

  • Full time program

  • Over 50 Core Skill training sessions from February to August

  • 36 x 30-minute games across 18 rounds

  • Full Training and Playing kit

  • Training Location: ELS Hall Park, North Ryde (Synthetic Field)

  • Game Location: Western Wanderers Football Park, Rooty Hill


This program will cover advanced skill development for players

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